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Onwire is a System and Software technology consulting firm based in Calif, USA. Our focus is in building open source Web, SMS and Mobile Applications, e-Payment Wallets [ PayFog.com ] and AWS solutions.

Cloud Computing brings huge innovation and the ability to change your cost model by only paying for the compute power you consume. Find out how our customers are taking advantage of this before your competitors do. We connect the dots for you!

Our Services

Systems and Software and AWS Consulting


iOS and Android App Design and Development


Amazon AWS Cloud Solution


Custom Application and API Development


Project Mgmt, IT Solutions

MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT AND CONSULTATION - Mobile applications can allow a business to provide better customer support, showcase products, give customers more opportunities to purchase, and raise awareness of a brand.

Our Process

Keep It Simple!

  • Discover

  • Design

  • Develop

  • Deploy

What is Swift ?

Next Generation Language for iOS Programming

Why Cloud?

These are some of the most powerful business cases for the cloud


99.999999999% durability, no capex at $34 per TB per month.

Increase Innovation

Experiment fast with low cost and low risk.

No more Hardware

Get rid of undifferentiated heavy lifting.


99.999999999% durability, no capex at $11per TB per month.

Disaster Recovery

Faster DR solution without a second physical datacenter

High Performance Computing

Run high compute intensive applications with spot instances

AWS CLOUD CONSULTATION - The AWS Free Tier is designed to enable you to get hands-on experience with AWS at no charge for 12 months.

If you are already on AWS Cloud, we provide support and consultation at a low fixed rate of $95/hr or $995/monthly.

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